Thursday, October 27, 2011


It's so funny how Yuhao and I have all of the same books on our shelves... I have Wuthering Heights, Count of Monte Cristo, A Tale of Two Cities, Phantom of the Opera, and Crime and Punishment on my shelf. He has the same - in Chinese.

Then he has 《西游记》 and 《红楼梦》. Well, maybe it's not so much of a surprise that I have these books too, seeing as they're two of the four great classics, but I happen to have Journey to the West in English translation as well as Chinese as well!

I've never known any other person who likes the same classics I do, let alone someone close to my age. I mean, he's only 19 years-old. So I was really amazed.

Me: "We're probably going to marry each other when we grow up."
YH: "I think so too."
Me: "I feel bad for you. You're going to be stuck with me forever."
YH: "That's alright... It could be worse."
Me: "How?"
YH: "I could be stuck with someone who isn't you."

That really made me brighten up. It sounds like a line from a classic novel, something I would love to read^^

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Rock in the Stream...


A constant presence in a fast-moving life. That's what I am to Yuhao, apparently.

Do you believe in an "en"? He said that's a karmic bond that lasts an entire lifetime... It doesn't matter if you believe you'll never meet a person again; something ties you together so you'll always come back.

Maybe it's not real... but the way he talks makes me want to believe it's real.

I place so much faith on science in the natural world around us that I could never possibly be a real Buddhist in and out, but sometimes I really wish I am more than just a human and more like an Enlightened entity. I would make things happen on their own, rather than depending on circumstances and fate. Wouldn't that be nice?

哦,命运…… 在这世界上,在这生命里,我代表什么呢?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fall Concert

As a senior, I feel like every event is going to be my last... And it's true. I will never have a fall concert again. So I'm just glad I had a good time!!
^With Megan, my Chinese sister!
^With Ania, my Polish sister!
^With Karla, my black sister!
^The seniors!
^The Asians!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I wanna rock...
-Bang Bang Bang, U-Kiss
It was pretty fun!! Too loud, too much dancing, but being around friends was nice at least^^ I'm only a little disconcerted at the fact that people believe my "date" and I are going out. That's definitely not true; I only agreed to go with B because the tickets are cheaper if you buy them as a couple.
But here's a nice picture.
I definitely want to try this again some time! Prom, maybe? Last and first homecoming ever~~

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Dash + Homecoming Decorations

NHS/Eco-Club volunteer activity where we pass out water bottles to runners in the marathon and cheer them on!
And, of course, we get free breakfast.
^Me, Alex, Ellie.
Afterwards, we went on to decorate the hallways at school for homecoming. Our theme this year is Candyland; my friend designed the entire mural, which takes up a huge portion of the wall. It was really impressive.
And it made me feel pathetic, especially since I was only able to paint in the mushrooms and candy canes. Well... what can I say? I'm not an artist.