Friday, February 21, 2014

Umm So Yeah

It finally happened!! Very unexpectedly haha, but I appreciate it.

I've never had a non-creepy Chinese guy ask me out before. I've always assumed it was because I'm just too Americanized or too far from the ideal Chinese girl, and so I just always assumed I would never be with someone like me - an American-born Chinese, which is fine, because I don't really look at race anyway. I know my parents would want me to though, haha.

But uhh apparently speed dating really does wonders, haha. I got a swarm of texts coming in after Valentine's (okay, so that's an exaggeration, but I had a few text messages from guys who seemed to have probably copy-and-pasted the same generic message to the chicks who gave them their numbers), but there were two guys who actually personalized their text messages a little more and made the effort to reach out and let me know they remembered me, which I really appreciated.

I agreed to eat lunch with one of them, A, mostly just to thank him for putting in the effort and potentially make a new friend. Honestly, I didn't remember him by name, but the minute I saw him, I remembered as the nice smiling guy. He was super nice and easy to talk to but not really my type (I doubt I was his type too, haha).

The other guy was more of my "type," I think. I thought he was really cute at the time and was a little surprised to get a text from him. It was easy talking to him too (via texting anyway!), he seemed pretty smart, and we both agreed to hang out sometime next week.

Then today he asked me if I was free for lunch. Unfortunately, I was eating lunch with a couple of friends... I hope I didn't sound like I was just blowing him off :( I'm so bad at texting cues and arghh.

On the other hand, I got a pretty good grade in Organic Chemistry exam and a relatively good grade in Microbiology exam. As it turned out, the Microbiology grade distribution was pretty messed up... The majority of students had D's; there was only one A and four B's. I happened to get a B, so I guess I did alright compared to the other students... Still, it was pretty depressing.

And CVS Pharmacy might hire me... I have an interview coming up. I also have an interview for UNC's Pharmacy school, so I'm just super antsy right now. Well. Hopefully, it'll all be alright.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day is Sooo Overrated

HALLELUJAH. This week has passed, and I'm still alive and intact in one piece, amazingly. Due to the snow days, we had our Microbiology exam delayed... and it was rescheduled right before the Organic Chemistry exam and after we turn in the Microbiology lab report. Which was a complete halting moment for me.

1-2pm: Microbiology exam.
2-6pm: Microbiology lab (report due).
7-9pm: Organic Chemistry exam.

I can't even study for Ochem in between the two exam times because of friggin' lab.

After freaking out and wringing my hands and pulling out my hair for about 30 minutes, I played the Mulan song "Be a Man" and then promptly got down to work. M joined me for Tuesday and Wednesday study sessions. I talked to Dr. S during the PLUS preceptor meetings, and she wanted me to discuss the next exam topics at my PLUS session a day after the exam! I was really hesitant to, because I know nobody's going to show up all eager to learn after a huge exam, and luckily it got cancelled.

Still, the exam was killer though. I wasn't expecting it to be easy, since my senior preceptor had warned me that the class average for each midterm is always a 55-60 (and Dr. S is not generous when it comes to curves) and L from Communications had also warned us, but still... holy shit, I don't think I ever had such a hard biology exam before.

The Ochem exam was better. The subject itself is intense, but I feel like I have a pretty good intuition of where the electrons move since I've been doing chemistry for so long... Mechanistically, it all made sense in my head, as anything does if you practice it a lot.

I guess we'll just have to see about grades, but I'm just happy it's all over with. After the exam, I went out with M and A to eat at Teji's, the fairly new Indian restaurant down on the Drag... It's so good. The biriyani is a huge portion, and my dish was super good, with only a mild flavor of Indian spices (which I had requested because usually the flavors are wayyy too strong).

So anyway... after those exhausting three days in preparing lab reports (there's also the Pre-lab for Ochem, which takes forever since we work with fifteen different organic solvents and have to write MSDS information on them) and studying hardcore, I completely forgot about Valentine's day and my plans for it. I mean, what is Valentine's day compared to this? Haha.

I received two lovely crush-grams, a perfume sample, two candy chocolates, two candy-hearts boxes, and a valentine card from my bestie. Haha.

Holding up A's beautiful valentine card to me!

Working on Valentine cards with A and L after Ochem, haha.

So anyway, I'm working on an assignment in Communications with four other people (A's in this group), and one of the guys is a senior. So he came up to me last week after class and asked if we were in the same lab. We didn't, so he probably mixed someone up as me. But after that, he would talk to me after every class, and then a few days ago, he asked, "Do you have any plans for Valentine's?" That sort of question can come across as either very casual or very obvious, but in this case it legitimately seemed casual because we planned on spending Valentine's day finishing up our project together. Haha, it's just funny how in college, it no longer seems like a holiday but just the consumerist occasion that it is. But it's nice to send and receive crush-grams for free, thanks to UT.

I went to meet our new mentor at around 6. She brought pizza and salad, which was really awesome of her, and we sat and chatted about life in graduate school and plans for tonight, that sort of thing.

I went to the speed dating event later on, which took much longer than I thought it would, but I had a nice time. As always, there were some cute guys, some creeps, and then the nice, average people. I made a lot of friends though. It seems that most Pre-Pharmacists are Asian girls!

All in all, it was a great day. Ultimately forgettable that this is a day for love... Until next time!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Things Are Looking Up

So... update time!

On working out:
I started training for a 10K run with B and N about a week ago! (And yes, I finally got around to not being antisocial anymore and studied/ate out with N. We've clarified that she misses me and my strange quirks, and I miss her and her tough love.) N is now my personal trainer and B is my running partner, which is fucking awesome. Love the arrangement!

On academic ambitions:
Secured an interview to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill! My neighbors (or, as I like to call them, my "American parents") gave me the phone number of an alumna, and so last night I called her to ask for some pointers on standing out during the interview process, and she was so very helpful. She even offered to write a recommendation letter for me, which was an offer I really appreciated but couldn't accept, since the deadline had already passed and she didn't really know me personally yet. But she was very sweet, and talking to her really made me more at ease.

I also talked to J, one of my brother's old friends, who recently had an interview with University of Texas at Austin's pharmacy school... He gave me great advice as well but was super surprised at the fact that I even applied to pharmacy schools this year, and for a moment that annoyed me because I thought he thought I was weird, but my brother later reassured me that he was just impressed. Haha. Maybe I'm still more self-conscious than I think I am.

On study groups:
So PLUS is looking pretty good right now... Last week, we had our first meeting, and our study group size was just right. I was scared we'd be overwhelmed, but then also worried we wouldn't have anyone show up... But five people, including me and my partner, seems to be just right! We were super productive, and I was very happy because these were three people I had always talked to casually as classmates, but we ended up becoming pretty good friends by the end of the session.

I also like my partner. He's in Plan II Honors, Pre-med, and the professor likes him. It makes it easier for me to pass over questions to him, so he can ask the professor without getting a glare in response.

I also like being sort of an authority figure. I mean, as a PLUS preceptor, you don't really have authority, but you have some power through the connection to the professor and access to extra information and practice problems. It's nice feeling valuable and getting just a little bit ahead of the class.

On crushing hard:
It's a little ridiculous how pathetic I am... So I've been coming into lab almost every day to "check" on my bacteria even though he's reassured me it's growing very well, going to every one of his office hours (twice a week!), and just talking to him about the subject he's teaching even though honestly, I'm not that passionate about it... He must think I'm a really motivated student for doing that, but I always feel ridiculous during our actual lab times, when I still can't properly examine the bacteria through the microscope because in its odd, parfocal way, it takes forever to get it adjusted just right. And then I get really nervous if he's watching my table, but a little distressed if he's not... I guess these are the classic symptoms of a crush.

I don't know how I can be any more disappointed in myself, haha. I wish I could have a crush on someone who is more attainable, but... eh. I always did have a thing for mentor figures and older guys.

On things I need:
First of all, I love being busy, but this week is going to suck. I'm going bowling tonight to relieve some stress, after finishing up my lab report and studying ochem of course.

Second of all, I need some formal clothes for the interview. I do want to look professional and nice, and it'll be great.

I also need to stop writing and get back to work.

tldr;; I'm in love with me again and am feeling hope for the future... just goes to show that even as some opportunities fade away, others open up! Even if you get a rejection letter from your dream school, you might get an interview from an even better school!