Friday, June 24, 2011

Birthday Gifts!

^An old friend of mine sent me these cute Forever 21 hair clips!

^My best friend sent me a cute compilation of assorted goods: Cucumber/Melon nail polish, gel pens, a mechanical pencil, an eraser, and a birthday card^^

Another friend sent me a huge box of Hello Panda chocolate snacks, my brother bought me an USB device, my father bought me a new laptop (*squeal*), and my mom bought me a $60 jacket. My neighbor also bought me three musical films that I had really wanted to see earlier, so I was touched.

Overall, it's a pretty good haul. I don't expect much as I grow older, but I really appreciate the effort! Thanks, guys!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

To me.

I am now 17 years-old, which is a terrible change from the delightful number of 16.
15 and 16 were nice. But now that I'm turning 17, I feel... so old. I never thought this day would come - I never imagined that I'd be able to live up to this age. Haha, I always imagined some tragic car accident would occur or something while I'm some crazy teenager. But now it's here, and I've managed to survive.

Went to volunteer in the morning, then hung out with a couple of my friends at the mall for a middle school reunion. It was nice seeing everyone~ we really have changed a lot, I think. Except I still feel the same, so maybe not.

^Jane, Brian, me, and Min.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

From Seattle to Vancouver to Victoria Island

Just got back last night! It was great. I've officially fallen in love with Vancouver...

Is it just my imagination or are Canadians friendlier than Americans? Wow. There was such a difference between the way people would speak to you from Vancouver to Seattle. I LOVE CANADIANS.

^A picture in Seattle, with my older brother.

^I shall miss this goofball when he goes to University of British Columbia and I'm stuck here in Texas.

^At an aquarium in Vancouver!

^Victoria Island's famous Chinatown!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Graduation Party

The feelings I held onto, even if they're not love
I'll reach out for you as you swiftly fall...
The starry sky you gazed up at is pouring down...
-Starry Heavens, Kimeru

Haha, yeah, so there was a real surprise yesterday!

I was kidnapped and whisked away to my dhost's graduation/birthday party.

At about six o'clock, I was on my bed, studying for a driving permit. My dhost, whom I shall refer to as "G," rang the doorbell and shocked my parents nearly to death. I almost had a heart attack too. The scenario could've been something like this:

"Hi, Erin's mom! I'm here to kidnap your daughter. Don't worry; I'll return her in a couple of hours. My mother will drive us... Bye!"

So I was wearing my lounge clothes and was completely unprepared when all of this happened. Even though I would've appreciated at least a hint or a warning of some sort beforehand, it was really nice too. I had never been kidnapped by a friend before, and it's a good experience!

I felt really bad though, because I had nothing at all prepared... no gifts, no cards, nothing. But I'm going to make up for it! I prepared a thoughtful little gift, but I'm a little worried now that G might not like it... Now to think of it, it looks really girly. I just wanted to get him a casual little sketchbook because he's a wonderful artist and I believe he has some real potential!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Sushi With My Favorite Dhost

Nice guys finish last
That's why I'll treat you like trash
It's not what I really want to do...
-Nice Guys, Chester See (feat. Nigahiga and Kevjumba)

My favorite senior dhost rode his bike over to my house today! I have to admit, I was really surprised at his endurance... especially since we walked over to the restaurant Yummi Sushi right afterwards.

^Both of us really hot and sweaty after the walk... -_- Texas heat. Also, I'm terrible at taking this type of picture - I always cut off my own face!

I had a really nice time, teaching him how to eat sushi (which he failed at, haha) and talking about our summer plans. Afterwards, we walked around the neighborhood - again! - and he mostly talked about music and I mostly listened.

Overall, it was a very relaxing day and I'm glad I had that opportunity to catch up. This dhost is more interesting and vivid than a lot of other people, and I will miss him next year.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brother's Graduation

Always knowing we're gonna be fine
Feeling great, feeling alive
Never coming down from this mountain we're on...
-On the Ride, Aly & A.J

I had to do some NHS volunteering, and conveniently enough, it was for the 2011 graduating class which my brother happened to be in... So I got to complete my hours while watching him graduate.

It was pretty happy and sad, I guess. On one hand, I finally get the bathroom all to myself, but on the other hand... no more rides to school. And even though I won't have him pestering me anymore, I won't have him talking to me anymore either. That's kind of a bummer... I'll really miss my older brother, who, although is not my ideal figure of a perfect brother, is still one of the best people I know in this world.

^Ellie and me~

^I look so short next to Min... -_- Well, this wasn't a clear picture anyway...

^Min's little brother distracted us mid-pose... LOL, I love how it turned out! We look so idiotic... haha^^

^My mom, my brother, and me... I really am proud of him. Truly. Even though I complain about him being a "shame" to this Chinese family since he doesn't always make straight A's... Even though I claim he's "adopted from Thailand" since he's so friggin' dark...

I will miss this loser. But for now, I have the whole summer with him.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Last Day of School!

No such thing as you lost it all
God knows even angels fall...
-Even Angels Fall, Jessica Riddle

It is my last day as an official junior... *sniff sniff* Wow, time passed by so quickly! And I'm certainly glad it did, haha~ I can't wait to just grow up! But at the same time, I get all nostalgic when I think about leaving the classmates and friends I grew up with during high school... I'll be a senior next year, and that's pretty awesome to take in.

^Polaroid pictures of Ania, me, and Annie!

^Annie and me~

^Me and Ania~

I will miss these crazy burls T_T But I know I'll see them over the summer, so not really, I guess... haha.