Monday, August 15, 2011


Hehe, I finally got the courage to email Yuhao-gege.

He's my coworker back in Qingdao, the only other teacher assistant besides me there, and he does the theater/drama department.

All of my other coworkers (who are all girls) think that he's super attractive. Which... is kind of weird for me to think so, because he's my best friend in China and always acts like an older brother, but they think that we're like a couple since he always takes me out to karaoke or dinner or mountain-climbing after a long day of work.

But anyhow, despite all the time we spent together for those two months or so, I can't seem to be casual when it comes to the little things. Like taking pictures together, or sharing contact information, or... BLEH whatever.

It frustrates me because he really is my best friend and understands me the most, but I have a hard time staying around him since I'm so shy.

I've emailed Eueu (the English teacher I was assisting), Zeny, and even chatted with Yongqiang-gege (the guy who rides the bus with me every morning so I won't get lost)... but not Yuhao-gege.

Eueu told me that Yuhao-gege seems a little more lonely at the school without me, more quiet anyway. He probably misses having somebody his age to talk to.

That was the push I needed to gather the courage to finally email him. I mean, I had his email and everything, I was just too apprehensive of how our friendship might change overseas...

But I'm relieved to find that it's just the same. We still crack jokes about the principal, debate about the government (he's so commie!), and discuss our favorite literature classics - not to mention complain about our lives, which happens to be my favorite hobby of all. And I love it when he talks about Buddhism too, it always inspires me artistically and creatively.

I'm getting a QQ so that I can chat with him now... It's currently installing. Whee~!

Lesson learned: Cowardice can ruin so many opportunities. If there is little to no risk, take the damn chance!!