Monday, May 19, 2014

Summer Break

It's been super relaxing so far in Dallas. I love my family so much, and it's so easy to forget that special connection you'll always have with your immediate family when you're away from home for so long. Whether I'm watching a Star Trek marathon with my brother or playing golf with my dad or shopping with my mom, I really appreciate every minute I spend with them. My parents are always really busy and don't have a lot of time either, so it's nice that they took a few days off just to spend time with me and my brother.

 My mother surprised me by losing 6-10 lbs from the last time I saw her! Apparently, A's mom has been giving her a lot of vegan tips and such. She's super happy and has been taking better care of herself, so I'm really happy and proud for her too. She looks great.

Goofing off with my brother, who's finally starting to adjust to life in Aggieland. We watched a bunch of superhero movies together too!

I hadn't eaten Paciugo in so long... Probably my favorite ice cream place^^ This is at one of the nicer malls in Plano!

I'm back in Austin right now, and I'm enjoying quality time with my roommate, my best friend, my boyfriend, and myself, of course. Yesterday, I had a grocery shopping date with the bestie at Hong Kong Supermarket - she ended up buying sweets and snacks, and I bought a Black Sesame Hair Treatment, just to try it out. Although some people find the smell of Chinese medicinal herbs off-putting, I've always enjoyed the smell of ginger and sesame and such. In my opinion, it's rejuvenating.

Afterwards, I had hamburgers and homemade ice cream with R and his family. The chocolate ice cream came out sooo well - a perfect soft, creamy texture in between grocery ice cream and milkshake. The trails were really cool too.

Such a pretty dog! Mixed German Shepherd with Golden Retriever. She looks quite a bit like my Daisy too, who is a mixed German Shepherd with Shiba Inu.


Monday, May 5, 2014

Hippie Hollow

So my best friend and I decided to drive down to Hippie Hollow and take a look around. It was a far drive out, but so worth it! I never realized how diverse Austin landscape can be.

We saw the weirdest squirrel ever! A mountain squirrel maybe..?

The lake area!

Oh gosh, this duck touched my foot with its beak!! I guess it was curious or just blessing me.